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Profile of Aco+taca
Aco (Aco Tomine, Vocal & Accodion)
taca (Accordion)
Started performing in Paris in 2015.
We sing Japanese folk songs and Japanese-taste original songs with jazz-influenced twin accordion.
We played mainly in Paris, but also in several European countries. Our performances were at clubs, events, in metro, on the streets, etc.
The music of Aco+taca is definitely like no others. Its originality was enthusiastically welcomed by audiences of any country.

Performed at “Made in Japan”, a Japan Festival held in Lithuania, in October 2015.
Awarded “Coup de Coeur prize” (second prize) at “Quintin Festival des Chanteurs de rue” held in Quintin, France in November 2015. (Video) (HP)

Aco Profile


Born and grew up in Yokohama.
With her accordion, Aco sings old Japanese folk songs(Min-yo) in contemprary style as well as her original folk songs, in hope they will be sung even hundreds of years after.
Recently performed in Paris, Bangkok and Singapore.

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CDs available. Please send an e-mail to for more information.

“A Dreaming Mechanical Girl” (10 songs) JPY1,200.00
Experience Aco’s world of dreams which is amusing, long-forgotten, funny, adorable, mysterious, fearful, strange…

“Aco Tomine Live with Ran-Man-Shachu Band” (10 songs) JPY 2,000.
The live at Yokohama AIREGIN (Yokohama’s leading jazz bar) recorded on May 6, 2012.

Enjoy Japanese folk songs with accordion, Japanese “shamisen”, saxophone, piano, bass and drums.

taca (accordeon)

tacaBorn in Okayama, Japan, in 1977, at the age of 9 Taca started playing the accordion. He moved to Italy in order to improve his talent when he was 20 years old. The following year, he moved base to Paris and studied classic accordion under Frederic Guerouet and jazz accordion under Daniel Millie and Christian TOUCAS. Composition and harmony creation were taught by Daniel Goyone. His music displays influence from Japanese music, tango, Brazilian music etc, and he has performed live mainly in Paris… Meanwhile, he started collaboration of ad-hoc dancing and live music with Gyohei Zaitsu. In 2007 he was invited to perform for Shinsaku Maehama’s “Golem” at the Winter Paris Collection. In 2008, he released his debut album, “The Valley of the Wind/La Vallee du Vent” and his second album “La Route de la Soie / Silkroad project” was released in 2009, «Wind of Legend/taca-Wind of Legend» (2012), «Letters/taca»(2013), «IL CINEMA DELLA VITA/L’erable»(2013), «Towa-no-hikari/Aco+taca»(2015)